Multiple service delivery

When you are looking for outsourcing HR and Payroll, Mintstage offers you multiple service delivery models that bring you standardization and compliance, reduce risk , and optimize HR efficiency. As a result, you can lower your cost, drive standardization, and create a more flexible, more agile organization.

Process efficiency

Enterprises benefit from process efficiencies throughout payroll management activities and an unparalleled level of certainty.

Helping to meet the challenges in processing payroll!

Running your own business has some eccentric benefits. When businesses grow, the HR and payroll problems starts. Frequently it is not just about a larger number of employees, the problems could be many if they include a merger or acquisition. Getting two dissimilar systems to function as a single, unified process needs both careful preparation and hard work. We offer refined HR and Payroll services to companies looking to change the way services are delivered to their employees - from manual payroll processing and transfer, to Web-enabled employee and manager self-service.

Through our wide range of local and global payroll solutions, and supported by a global network of partners, We can offer its customers a multi-country payroll solution in virtually any country of the world..

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